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Fly on the Wall
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‘You have a pattern of always being the one to end relationships, I want to help you stop.’

This is what my boyfriend said to me, as we stood on a busy city street outside my workplace.

That sounded rather self-serving to my ears, given the circumstances.

It’s true, I’ve…

A few simple choices can create real change

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My boyfriend called me a bully last Summer, and I wondered what drugs he was on. I’m one of the kindest people I know. Truly.

Fast forward 7 months, and I can notice what he sees, minus his been-hurt-many-times filter. Not because he’s right but because I can step into…

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When I was 24 years old, my boyfriend of only a few months, a quiet and introverted personal trainer, screamed at me for suggesting an alternative driving route. It was a learning experience.

A week later, I broke it off. I couldn’t shake the visceral feelings I had. He had…

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The other night my daughter threw me under the bus. She told my boyfriend I have bad morning breath. Just blurted it out for no reason.

It was kinda funny because I’m the person in the family that brushes my teeth right after I wake up, so I don’t offend…

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I have always focused on being the parent that comes from a place of empathy. I see my children as people, as unique and entirely separate to me. Turning my kids into me has never been the goal.

So it came as a shock when my tween daughter shut me…

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My boss said something this week that reeked of interference from a well-meaning person. She said, ‘I really need to learn to focus on one thing at a time’. I had walked into the shop about 30 minutes earlier, at the start of my shift, buckets of flowers freshly purchased…

Mother and daughter sit on the bed, the girl’s head leaned against her mom
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This morning my daughter yelled at me saying she had to be at school for 8am and told me last night. It was a lie.

I was perplexed why she was behaving this way in front of her Dad, who’d driven over to take them to breakfast before school because…

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My daughter has spent the last eight weeks doing errands around the house to save up for a desk. She wants to feel grown-up, because at age 11, this comes in the form of a private study area. She’s been fantasising about her desk — and kid stationery of all…

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When I was 27-years-old, I asked my mother a question that had been percolating for years. It was hard to ask. Part of me was afraid of the answer. She’d just flown across the country to spend her 60th birthday with me in Vancouver. …

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What is it to be a deep thinker? Many thoughts swirl around in our minds, yet little comes out our mouths before we’re ready to share. But do we need to think our way through our problems too, or is there another way that can give us more freedom?


Fly on the Wall

Writing about creativity and relationships; two aspects of Life that most affect our happiness.

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