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Fly on the Wall


  • Ngoukan


    Content Creator/Crypto Enthusiast

  • Jheets Jots

    Jheets Jots

    Novice Writer| Tech, Biology, and Social Psych| BSc in Molecular Genetics 🔬 Dreamer 💭 Poet 🖋Tamil Canadian| Creator of

  • Ricky Derisz

    Ricky Derisz

    Curation @Medium. Creator @MindThatEgo. Get your free copy of Mindsets for Mindfulness → It’s a bribe, but worth it.

  • Jody McAlister

    Jody McAlister

    Humorist, Story Teller, Entrepreneur and Happy Flutter Developer. All around nifty dude.

  • Kayleigh Baldwin

    Kayleigh Baldwin

    I am a freelance writer, published author, childcare provider, bunny mom, & teacher-in-training. Reach me at

  • Dexter Alex

    Dexter Alex

    Raconteur, Story-Teller, Writer Of Words, Young, Scrappy and Hungry. Lover of Bread.

  • Jim Lawrence

    Jim Lawrence

    30 years writing for mags; 15 years acting. Best advice: love as if it’s the only thing that gives life meaning.

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